John Elder Robison Calendar of Events

2015 is coming fast, and we're booking dates for spring, summer and fall.   My newest book - RAISING CUBBY - is in paperback now.  My fourth book, SWITCHED ON, comes in the fall of 2015.  Meanwhile, I'm busy with my car business, teaching, speaking, and advocacy work as well.  There's a lot going on!.

Would you like to bring me to your college or conference? If so, contact Sally Itterly, my speaking agent. Do you want to set up a program in your elementary, middle, or high school? I handle those directly; write me at

Discovery Science Channel
Last year I was profiled in an episode of INGENIOUS MINDS on Discovery Science. The show is rerun with some frequency; check the Discovery Science Channel website for details.  Meanwhile, you can watch it here on YouTube

Oct 2, New York, NY
I'll be speaking on an Adweek panel with George Clinton and others from Mother New York

Oct 19, Williamsburg, VA
We'll have our first Neurodiversity Group meeting on the W&M campus.  It's also homecoming weekend.

Oct 20, Durham, NC
7PM, Love Auditorium, Duke University - Duke Autism Center.  This is a free event, open to the public, but registration is required.  Sign up here

Nov 7, Long Island, NY
Overcoming Challenges conference

Nov 8-9, Washington DC
We will be offering the William & Mary Neurodiversity Weekend at our Washington DC Campus.  Register through the W&M website.

Nov 15, Boston, MA
Harvard Medical School / Cambridge Health Alliance CME Psychiatry, Boston Park Plaza.  Program details here

Nov 16, New York, NY
I'll be returning to the Seaver Autism Center, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Manhattan.

Feb 7-8, 2015, Delhi, India
All India autism conference. Registration required.

Mar 22, 2015, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Autism in Motion conference - registration required - Crowne Plaza, Montreal Airport.  Advance registration required

Mar 28-29, Washington DC
William and Mary neurodiversity course - DC campus. Register on the W&M website.

Mar 30-31, Williamsburg, VA
I will be on campus at W&M until 4PM Tuesday

Apr 25, Long Island
Join me for AHA's Spring 2015 conference - registration required

May 1, 2015, Philadelphia, PA
Generational perspectives on life with autism, LaSalle University

Oct 5, 2014, Portland, OR
Division on Career Development and Transition conference

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